Friday, August 06, 2004

Ideas for websites

1) (On a birthday site) type your date of birth and find out your age in hours, seconds and minutes.

2) A website featuring the contents of all the 'This is your life' books.

3) A website that does a word count of all the words in that day's/week's/month's newspapers and shows which are used the most. This would act as a 'fame measure' by showing which celebrities/programmes etc receive the most mentions. This would also provide a pointer to the complexity of the vocabulary used by different newspapers.

4) Media Diary: a diary showing the release dates for songs, films, books etc. There would also be an email alerts system: if an individual is waiting for a specific release they can be alerted when the release date is close. Also if an individual is interested in a specific personality they would receive alerts when this person is involved with any event posted on the media diary.


Eroteme said...

John, you have a very interesting blog here. Will spend some more time reading through the remaining posts. I had a link to offer you. The word count webpage that you suggest in this post is implemented in a sense at
Do check it out...

John's Ideas and Creativity said...

Thanks for stopping by Eroteme. Glad you found it interesting. I'll have a look at that link. :)

John's Ideas and Creativity said...

What a great site! Thanks Eroteme.

Anonymous said... does the Media Diary sort of thing