Saturday, February 19, 2005

Article Ideas


An article about ‘now’. How many people being born now, how many dying, how many emails being sent, how many people flying in planes, how many committing suicide etc.

Money Facts

A page full of facts about money, including: numbers of notes and coins in circulation, total value of notes in circulation, value of notes destroyed each year etc.

Commercial top ten

Highlighting celebrities who do adverts: how much paid, how much to charity, how much they earn from other work etc.

Psychology profile

Highlights a celebrity or person in the public eye and gets a cross section of psychologists to give their verdict on that person.

The next...

Profiles people who, at some time in their early career, were labelled 'the next...' and sees if they lived up to their early potential.

All time top ten TV

Finds the most popular tv show of all time by cumulative viewing figures.

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