Thursday, February 24, 2005

Five Article Ideas

Places to go on the web

Would focus on websites that offer 360 degree views of places. Example:

Top Ten Desert Island Disks

Would look at all the choices from ‘Desert Island Disks’ and compile them to form an all-time top ten.


Would pick four words at random and a compile a list of trivia using the information gained from Google searching the four words. Eg. ‘was buried with his/her’ ‘gypsy put a curse’

My ‘Sergeant Peppers’

Celebrities would do their own version of the cover of Sgt Pepper’s by choosing the people who are their greatest influences, and the people they most admire

Ten Clever Questions

Would feature ten favourite questions set by quizmasters etc. Eg. Magnus Magnusson, crossword compilers, contestants from shows etc. These people would set questions in the style that they asked/were asked them.

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