Monday, March 07, 2005

Emulating a role-model rather than choosing a career title

I had this idea published on the Global Ideas Bank and it keeps popping into my mind:

Careers choices - choosing 'emulation' rather than a career title

The Problem:
Finding a career

The Social Invention:
When students/job hunters are looking for a career, the emphasis is usually on picking the job from a list of job titles.

A different approach to help finding the ideal career would be by 'emulation' :to pick someone and consider what steps would be needed to emulate this person EXACTLY.
The student could even consider what steps would be need to be taken to become an 'imposter' of this person.

With this in mind, the student would have to think creatively.

A comprehensive (exhaustive) list of people would be made initally and various could be picked at random, and some considerationg could be made of how the emulation would be made.
This method could provide inspiration in two ways:

The student may find that they would like to emulate this person as much as possible and thus the career of this person is the ideal career choice for them.

They may find that one of the steps needed to complete the emulation would be so interesting that this is an area that would suit them as a career.

It would be important that the job seeker includes as many people as possible in the list - some can even be bizarre. It would also be important that the job seeker thinks carefully and thoroughly about how the emulation could be completed.

Thoughts...7th March 2005

TV concepts
I've been thinking that this kind of emulation could be applied to devise concepts for television shows. The creative could select a group of three people and then, selecting one person at a time, could consider how that person could emulate the other two. On the 'journey' to total emulation they could pick-off concepts for TV shows. I will try this when time is being kinder...

Any thoughts?


John's Ideas and Creativity said...

I realise 'Total Emulation' sounds a bit like a Schwarzenegger movie.

Eroteme said...

I loved this idea. Honestly did. I have always felt disappointed with the way career choices are made and how children are practically trained and programmed to be successful in one particular "hot" field right from childhood. I think this is more constructive in helping a student decide on the career path to which one connects. I had a similar idea which I had integrated into my concept of a school.
A student is made to interact with people from various fields (both successful and the not-yet-successful) and get to know about what they went through and these specialists would field questions (related tothe field and life of the person while in that field). About a month during summer breaks, every student should interact with people in a field of their choice(advertising firm, law firms, doctors, journalists, pilots, et al) and produce a report/study of what is involved for someone to get into the field and stay in there.

Anonymous said...

The only problem is that when you wish to emulate a specific person, you have no way of addressing one very important parameter - character. The person's experiences, culture, traumas, childhood etc play a role so in that sense it would be difficult to follow the footsteps of the emulated.
Great idea though

John's Ideas and Creativity said...

Yes it's said in journalism that 'the truth gets in the way of a good story' and with ideas sometimes reality gets in the way of a good idea. I'm still waiting for time to be kinder to use this approach to devise some TV concepts. :)