Saturday, March 26, 2005

Ideas from our amazing future...

I've been perusing the 'Guiness Amazing Future' book. What is quickly apparent is that it doesn't take any technical knowledge to recognise the value of the ideas on show. I would like to think that if no specialist knowledge is required to acknowledge the value of a particular idea/concept then no specialist knowledge should be required to create the concepts. However I expect most people would not begin to attempt devising concepts like these because they assume creating such concepts is the preserve of specialists.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite ideas and thoughts from the book:


A magnet that can detect weaknesses in steel
A cow that produces milk that treats cystic fibrosis
A gel that dissolves teeth (an alternative to the drill)
Headless bodies that provide organs
An acoustic weapon that vibrates internal organs inducing vomiting and diarrhoea
A smart gun usuable only by the officer that owns it
Bananas that are a hepatitis vaccine
Green beans that taste like baked beans
A food package that changes colour if the food is contaminated
A computer that can recognise products by their smell
An artifical wave
A satellite that tracks endangered eagles
A fish 'rucksack' that shocks the fish to direct them
A 360 degree TV that, when viewed from any angle, still projects a flat image


Children inherit intelligence from their mother and characteristics from their father
Epileptics are more likely to be religious

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