Saturday, March 19, 2005

Ten ideas for the Olympics

Star of the games
At the end of the Olympics all competitors could vote the person they think is 'star of the games'. This person would win a gold medal. (There could be silver and bronze too)

Alternative 'fair' medal table adjusted to show each country's ratio of competitors to medals

Team gold medal for the most succesful country

Instead of having unused spare lanes, auction off the free lane so that the highest bidder can participate. Funds raised go to charity

Every item of equipment (and maybe article of clothing) pooled onto a single page on eBay and auctioned off for a charity project(s) after the Olympics

A second 'tier' of Olympics events that are held by smaller countries (who are unable to afford the entire event)

Olympic flag has sixth ring to represent the Paralympics

International public vote to choose host of Olympics

Public vote to choose new sports

A laser projected onto tracks to show record-breaking pace

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