Saturday, April 16, 2005

Now-Here-Me-Doing and focus switching


If I wanted to direct my attention to the present moment and my current activity etc I could list my 'Now-Here-Me-Doing'. My N-H-M-D for this moment is:

11.39am, Home, Me - John, Typing on the computer

Everyone else will have their own N-H-M-D and I could represent this as:

Then There Them Doing

As a foundation/template of this awareness I could list the possibilities of various N-H-M-Ds and T-T-T-D as:

Time Place Person(s) Activity

which I suppose is a way of stating a context. I could expand this expression of context to form a 'context line' thus:

Time Place Person(s) Activity Things Purposes Being (is) Having Saying Feeling Thinking

Focus of attention and Focus trap (?)

If I focus on the following idea:

Football clubs have 'cinemas' in London for London fans to watch their home games

then this idea is automatically the focus of attention.

If I were mind-mapping then this idea would be the centre of the mind-map. If I consider the branches of the mind-map, then each of the branches of the mind map could represent one of the aspects of the context line (Time Place Person(s) Activity Things Purposes Being (is) Having Saying Feeling Thinking). So I would have a mind-map with the idea at the centre and the eleven branches around it. Then I could switch the focus easily, so that one of the eleven branches would become the new pivot and the football idea would convert (be 'relegated')to being one of its branches.

If I were considering the football cinema idea then I could have been trapped in a context and thus my focus would also be 'trapped'. Considering the aspects of the context line as branches of a mind-map would help me to switch the focus to other areas.

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