Thursday, April 21, 2005

Papal email address goes on sale

A journalism student from Dublin is hoping to sell an e-mail address for Pope Benedict XVI on eBay in a bid to slightly reduce his student loan.

Fifteen minutes of fame for the student. I'd like to set up a 'fifteen minutes of fame' blog/website where simple ideas like this are listed and people can adopt the ideas to bring their own fifteen minutes of fame.

Coming up with the ideas is the to think of clever, publicity-catching ideas that are topical. Perhaps the topicality is the hard part. When England lost to France in the European Championship I received an email along these lines:

An obscure rule in football states that England will be awarded a draw after their recent loss to France in the cup.

Scroll down...



Carlsburg don't do emails, but if they did they'd be the best emails in the world.

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