Monday, June 13, 2005

Continuation...another creative method that uses google images

This is another product of the automatic fiction project. This is quite a simple way to create some interesting creative challenges.

The method uses random google images and I've called this method 'continuation'. To use the method I will look at a random google image and consider how the events in the image could stay exactly as they are if I was looking on the scene in real time. So for example, if the picture showed someone jumping, I would consider how this situation could continue over time - the person would 'float'. Obviously this could be achievable with something like 'levitation shoes' or some other device to make the person 'float'. This continuation method is quite good for creating what could be called 'futuristic' creative challenges.

In one image that showed a couple gardening I 'fast forwarded' the image by ten hours and considered how the situation could be maintained. Obviously in ten hours time it would be night, so the challenge was 'how could you produce light in the middle of the night?'. This reminded me of an idea I've seen considered - that a huge mirror could be positioned in space to provide light to areas that are starved of light. A boon for farming, no doubt. Again this highlights how this approach can create futuristic types of ideas and challenges.

I will experiment further with this approach and report any further thoughts or developments.

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