Wednesday, June 22, 2005

An example of directed-association results

As discussed in the Directed-association post, these words/concepts can be used to:

1) act as an alternative to dictionary words when using Edward de Bono's random word technique.

2) suggest possible subjects for further creative effort.

3) act as 'triggers' when profiling a subject.


Earth: planet: atmosphere: ozone layer: finding ozone holes: 'green' pursuit: 'save the planet': plea: 'please don't kill me': siege: Iranian Embassy siege: SAS: army regiment: paras: training: improve fitness: lactic acid: Olympic stadium: lighting Olympic flame: symbol: visual representation: logo: Microsoft: Windows: Windows 98: Office assistant: character: Bugs Bunny: cartoon: 101 Dalmations: film: Oscar awards: ceremony: receiving award: 'sob sob': crying: bereavement: inevitable event: adolescence: acne: teenage years: learning to drive: "I'm afraid you haven't passed": driving instructor: official: police officer: truncheon: weapon: dangerous implement: knife: blade: metal component: screw: screwdriver: tool: "the right tools for the right job": slogan: sentence: words: puns: jokes: humour: laugh: reflex response: kneejerk: doctor: Doctor Crippin: famous murderer: modus operandi: distinctive: habit: facial tic: tourettes syndrome: Kurt Cobain: suicide: suicide hotspot: Samaritans: charity: fundraising: Bob Geldof: Boomtown Rats: 70s group: Sex Pistols: rebellious: disrespecting authority: delinquent: attitude: alienate people: antisocial: smoking: inhaling: Bill Clinton: US president: oath: judge: wig: artificial hair: hair transplant: cosmetic: aesthetic: art: art gallery: John Constable: Haywain: priceless: auction: auctioneer: "going going gone": final word: denoument: climax: World Cup final: teams: trophy: FA Cup: Pickles: dog: vet: euthanasia: debate: parliament: historic building: Tower of London: crown: diamonds: carbon: element: nitrogen: air constituent

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