Thursday, June 16, 2005

A problem in need of a solution

This is a big problem in need of a solution. There may be a simple way to solve the problem using simple technology. The problem is loose horses in jump races. In these races when the jockey is unseated the loose horse often carries on running. This is obviously a problem as the loose horse can hamper other horses and I'm sure the horses is wasting energy that would be better conserved for a later race. Surely there is a simple solution for this problem? Maybe a radio controlled device that pulls the reins or something? Or perhaps there could be a kind of 'dead man's handle' arrangement that pulls the reins when the jockey falls off.

I'm sure there's a great need to devise a strategy that can spot problems like this. A strategy that can pinpoint the problems inherent in every activity in every possible context. I'd like to think about an approach to chase the impossible ideal of 'finding every problem'. This may also help to highlight the 'hidden' problems. In Von Oech's book 'A Whack on the side of the head' he says how important it is to 'look beyond the first right answer'. Perhaps when finding problems the automatic approach of the problem-finder is to 'look for the big problem'.

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