Monday, July 04, 2005

The 'Fiction Game'

I used the multiple redefinition method over the weekend on my automatic fiction project. Before I applied the method's provocative statements my objective would have been described (loosely) thus:

Create a formula/system that creates good stories.

Using the provocative statements helped me create a new 'spin'/entry-point for the project. Instead of trying to create a system for creating stories I decided I should strive to create a kind of 'fiction game'. The fiction game would be an exercise that generates scenarios and characters and the writer can enjoy 'juggling' the concepts generated and developed in the fiction game. The fiction game would produce a wealth of interesting information/characters/events and the writer could pick-off the interesting parts - a kind of 'edited highlights'. These highlights would form a story - thus the final story is a by-product of the fiction game.

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