Monday, July 11, 2005

Planet Earth 2012

I was thinking what would happen if you build up a complex picture of what Earth could be like in the year 2012. Silver suits and flying cars aside you could create ideas for any area - these ideas could be fanciful or kept in check by the limits imposed by technology. If an idea is required back in 2005 could an idea from the 2012 project be 'picked off' and used? If there was a great quantity of ideas how would the creative find suitable ideas?

Some ideas for for the 2012 project would be a by-product of the automatic fiction project. Anyway, some of the ideas coming from the fiction game project at the moment are very strange indeedy!...

An 'itch machine' that can induce itches on the body so that the 'itchee' can enjoy alleviating the itch (there's something fulfilling about scratching one's back with a back-scratcher). Reminds me of Woody Allen's orgasmatron.

A website that allows people to do a ouija board on the internet with others. Instead of the usual placing of fingers on glass each of the participants would have to move their mouses in a circle. The website would calculate tiny group fluctuations in the mouses that indicate the chosen letter. Lots of potential for stories there I reckon.

I'll leave "Mr 'I know what you don't know you don't know'" for another time.

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