Saturday, July 02, 2005

Various Ideas: July

Advertising on the escalator steps on the tube. (Okay, I'd be the first one moaning about over-commercialism if this were introduced but an idea is an idea and I like ideas :) )

BoingBoing is a collection of strange things, and people certainly do set up some interesting picture libraries. I'd like to do a website featuring photos of unintentional two-finger salutes. I heard that when Churchill first started doing his victory salute he did it with his knuckles facing the people. Someone pointed out that this was a rude gesture. I know he wasn't the only one who's made that mistake - I've seen pics of politicians making the same mistake in Private Eye.

There are the Darwin Awards, celebrating people who have died in bizarre and daft ways. How about an award for people who've avoided death by miraculous means? I know one example: at Manston Air Museum they display a WWI soldier's tobacco tin that saved his life by stopping a bullet.

The artist Damien Hurst (famous for animals cut down the middle and preserved in formaldehyde) wanted to do a human version featuring his dead grandmother. I think this would have been illegal but he could have made a mock-up.

Some fiction game ideas

1) If a story needed to feature a ouija board then a computerised version of a ouija board could be introduced. The computer would instantly detect the direction of the glass and print the destination letter on the screen.

2) A group of people could be doing a ouija board and, on contacting someone on 'the other side', they could find that that person is also do a kind of ouija board where they contact people on a second 'tier' of the afterlife. The insights from this second tier could be life changing and profound.

3) A scientist could have worked out a way to create his own ecosystem using genetically altered maggots. The maggots would meet all the scientist's nutritional requirements. In one idea for a story, the scientist would set out to sea in a boat with his young son. However, the scientist would die and leave his young son alone on the boat for many years with only a few books for company. Eventually - perhaps many years later - the boat would drift ashore and the now adult child would meet people for the first time in years. His reality would be totally different and based on the knowledge he had gained through the limited number of books.

4) Someone could invent a mobile phone that changes their vocal tone to a tone that means that the person hearing their voice will obey every command. (Perhaps there could be some pseudo-science about the frequency reaching the part of the brain that is reached during hypnosis?)

5) Magic glasses - through right eye you see normally, through left eye you see what a person is thinking - or maybe how they pereive themself etc.

6) I thought of this as a filler scene of the film 28 Days Later. I asked 'What if a pregnant lady got infected?' Perhaps the unborn baby would become infected and scratch/eat his way out of the womb. (Nice imagination, no?)

7) A character could be cursed so that everyone reacts in extreme to the way he wants them to. For example, if the character said something to make person B feel guilty then a few days later person B could be drowning in guilt.

8) The sign: there could be a sign that somebody is about to die. Nobody could've noticed this sign before. The sign could be that the soon-to-be-deceased thinks they hear someone calling their name. One person could figure this out and could keep this knowledge secret or publicise it. The character could use the knowledge for good or bad ends. Perhaps there could be a twist where the character hears someone calling them and tries to 'beat' the sign and avoid death?

9) This idea is a product of the 'storylet system' that I've created but not blogged about yet. There is a Big Issue seller who can read people's minds and uses this to play games with people. As a person walks by thinking 'If I avoid eye contact he won't bother me' the Big Issue seller shouts out "Avoid eye contact and I won't bother you". The passer by turns to say "I've already bought one thanks" but before they can talk the seller shouts out "I've already bought one thanks". The passer by proceeds along the road and their attention is caught by a tasty cake in a baker's window. Suddenly the Big Issue seller shouts out "Ooh no, I mustn't!" The passer by is now a little annoyed and turns round to 'give the finger' to the Big Issue seller. But the seller is already giving the finger and shouts 'Beat you!' The passer by turns to walk away but comes face to face with the Big Issue seller. The passer by looks back to see the original seller and he's still there. Then a voice says "Don't you hate it when twins show off?"

That's as far as I got with 9 using the storylet system. The storylet system is good for creating little ideas but so far I'm finding it hard to develop the ideas into suspense-filled stories.

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