Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ideas computer

What if...there was a computer that could conceptualise every possible idea.? Every possible idea. Including bizarre ideas such as:

Teach aliens all Elvis lyrics
Make the earth flat, except for a little bobble at the east of Paris
Campaign to rename ozone 'atmospheric stuff'
Rewrite the bible with every tenth word in Russian
Make left feet obsolete
If you are suffering from back pain then, as a side effect, you develop the ability to x-ray trees

If any thought is possible the computer lists it.

What steps would need to be taken to build such a computer? How would the software ensure that the computer covers every thought or idea possible?

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Eroteme said...

One thing for sure: It has to be a learning system. We would need a database of objects, activities, problem families, and solution families. Then we need to mix-n-match them. Most importantly we need to keep adding more and more of each to the database...