Saturday, October 01, 2005

Future direction of this blog

Many times on this blog I've mentioned my pet project - a project to devise a systematic way to write fiction. I've been working on this for a number of years now. What the project is lacking and what I've been striving for is to design a kind of pivot for each story. This pivot would be above and beyond time; as the writer creates their story they can start out by using the pivot (the pivot may be a kind of entry point) and the pivot guides the development of the story and the writer can always skip back to the pivot for further guidance. Without such a pivot it all seems - to me, anyway - something of a muddle. But there are some interesting techniques I've developed. While I'm waiting for perspiration and inspiration to provide the pivot, I've decided to post up some of the techniques/perspectives I've created for the fiction project. I'd like:

Feedback on the techniques

Feedback on any other places (such as books, websites, people etc) who have created techniques working along similar lines

Creativity and invention

I'm hoping that the some of the techniques created for the fiction project will help with other areas of creativity - particularly problem solving and invention (such as the social inventions I've devised for the Global Ideas Bank).

Here are three of my ideas from the Global Ideas Bank:

A monthly compilation of new ideas from all ideas sites

Motoring endorsements clearly displayed on cars

Replicas of displayed books at British Library

My fiction project considerations have got me thinking that such ideas could be the product of the kind of thinking and organisation I've been doing with the techniques of the fiction project. In essence, the final product of these three ideas - the gathering of specific information - would be possible if someone could 'distant view' at will: that is they can choose something they would like to see and they can kind of 'zoom in' on what they want to see by x-ray vision, telescopic eyes, or whatever. Or maybe this gathering of information could be achieved with a 'magic' machine that zooms in on information/objects and displays this information on a screen.

Achieving things by 'magic' has been a key consideration of the fiction project. The magic could be done by a superhuman - perhaps with super eyes and senses or abilities - or a super machine. Eventually I'm hoping that the consideration of such super abilities and magic will provide solutions - some magical - and even highlight problems. I'm hoping I can 'work back' to the real world from the magic solutions to get ideas workable in real life.

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