Monday, October 17, 2005

Imagination club and get rich quick

Some good topics being discussed at Imagination Club at the moment. Among the topics is 'get rich quick' schemes. I made this post about a horse racing system I devised in the early 1990s:

It's a fact that the bookmakers don't make much money on horse races with only two or three runners. It's also true that in jump races with only two or three runners on HARD going the favourite will get beaten about fifty percent of the time (due to being unable to gallop freely on the harsh ground). With the second favourite winning close to fifty percent of such races if the punter simply backs the second favourite then - in the long run - they should make a profit.

A few years ago I researched this system over three past horse racing seasons (using past form books) and it was reasonably profitable (on about ten races over a season that met the conditions). Unfortunately the rules of horse racing changed so that two/three horse races became rare and the watering of courses improved so that hard going was a bit rarer. I haven't researched this in recent years to see if suitable races ever occur but when I get the time I would like to test the system for the past, say, twenty years to see if it was as profitable as it was over three seasons.

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