Wednesday, November 30, 2005

18 Tricks To Teach Your Body/ Creative focusing

I found this interesting article through the Ninja Monkeys! blog. The article discusses tricks such as scratching your ear to cure a tickly throat, and touching the floor when drunk to stop the room spinning. I like the advice on stopping stitches when running - I never knew that I exhale as my right foot hits the ground!

Like I demonstrated in the Profiling The Zone of Attention post I am interested in specific focuses - such as the focus on exhalation when running - and methods to ensure that as many facts about a situation can be listed as possible. In his book Serious Creativity Edward de Bono discusses how many strong ideas have been generated as a result of specific focuses. Over the next few weeks I'll be putting a lot of effort into devising strategies to make such focusing possible. With these two Global Ideas Bank ideas:

A monthly compilation of new ideas from all ideas sites


Public vote to choose Olympic's new sport

the initial focuses were (if I assume that the generation of the ideas began with a focus):

The collective ideas of all online ideas sites


The choosing of the Olympic's new sport.

Both focuses are possible without any high degree of specialised knowledge but they are still difficult focuses to make. I want to devise methods that can find specific focuses such as these and generate more quickly and easily.

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