Sunday, November 06, 2005

Various Ideas: November

I've just completed the July and September Ideas posts.. Let me know what you think!

November general ideas

Cool Blog Of The Day (Has this been done yet?)

Fame convention. This would be a charity event. Quite simply it would be a room full of famous people. Visitors would be able to chat to them and, most importantly, pay money for autographs and merchandise.

When foreign films have subtitles (at the cinema and on TV) instead of the translation being at the bottom of the screen the words could appear in speech bubbles.

A means to phone someone your email address. You would enter a prefix number before their phone number and their phone would receive an automated message telling them the email address.

Article idea: top ten most repeated TV shows.

Twin premieres: in addition to the glitzy film premieres there could be a simultaneous premiere at a specially selected cinema.

Massive premieres: a film premiere could be shown for free in Hyde Park to an audience of thousands. All in the name of publicity of course...

Joke boxes at cinemas: there could be a video joke box in the foyers of cinemas where filmgoers can tell jokes. These jokes would be aired before the film in addition to trailers and adverts.

A golf driving range by the side of a river?

"Song playing now" screens in nightclubs and pubs. Or a free juke box that works by votes: each clubber can pick ten songs they would like to hear on the night. The songs with the most votes are played. (Maybe the really popular ones would be played twice.)

I'd like to see big football clubs hold a lottery where fans can win a place in starting line up for some matches. This could apply to two types of matches:

When a club has already won the league championship and still have games left to play.
When a club has already qualified from their European group but still have a game to play.

A modern artwork in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry that depicts contemporary events.

TV show ideas

A compilation show of every English football goal ever. (Would be possible for other sports.)

Family Fortunes - after dark episode. With adult questions.

'Out of retirement' show: would feature entertainers and comedians invited to come out of retirement for one evening.

Various Fiction Ideas

A machine that can make ghosts materialise.

A simple test carried out on unborn babies that detects psychic people.

A simple test carried out on unborn babies that can measure intelligence. There could be controversey with abortions etc.

A means to remove a concept from the brain of an individual - such as the concept of fear or the fear of death.

A curse: a man is cursed so that every time he is about to bite into a piece of meat he sees the animal dying. Also when he starts a bonfire he sees (in close up) all the animals that are dying in the fire - including ants and a hedgehog. He could also see a log of all the animals he has directly or indirectly killed in his life.

A man who meets a genii (or other magical character) who allows him to view his whole life. The genii stops the viewing at certain points and allows the man to go back in time and possess himself as a youngster and change the decisions/behaviour he made back then. He gets ten minutes to do this and then the genii brings him back to the present but... he gets to see how a split second change of behaviour back then would have radically changed his present life.

A hypnotherapist devises an approach for people bored in their jobs. He invents a type of hypnosis so that the person will experience their workday as sleep (they will have no conscious recollection of the day) but they function normally. One man 'wakes up' at five o'clock in the office toilet with his clothes ripped and his face bruised. Everyone is looking for him. He even sees himself on TV as 'most wanted'. He has to piece together what happened that day.

Possibilities for the Global Ideas Bank

One phone number (and a centralised switchboard) for helplines (such as Samaritans, Childline etc).

A means (probably a device) to make the heartbeat audible in nervewracking situations such as the driving test. Would be optional. Would mean that no pretence about being confident would be necessary and the examiner would know that the participant is nervous and be able to reassure them. Perhaps a biofeedback effect would occur too helping the participant to calm their nerves. (Idea could be applicable to dentists?)

A means to contact all mobiles within a specified area - by text or by actual call. Could be useful for police to alert people in accident areas or could be used as a crime prevention tool to alert people to look for suspects.

Thought experiments

What if: everywhere you walk you leave footprints?
What if: people could identify the person who left the footprints?
What if: someone found a way to compress water?

Thoughts on creativity and problem solving

Forced limitations in problem solving: how to solve a problem without moving?

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