Saturday, January 14, 2006

Fiction project: starting points for stories

About this post

Post in a nutshell: create a sizeable list of people and places. Select a person and place from the lists. This is the starting point for a story.

Starting points for stories

The starting point for a story consists of a person at a place. The naming/listing people post describes how to make a sizeable list of disparate people by 'colouring' the naming: an adjectival phrase or word is included in a directive. Example:

Name an outside person

Possible answers: George Michael, Captain Oates, Grizzly Adams etc.

The naming/listing various subjects post describes how to colour the naming of a place. A possible directive created would be:

Name a play place

Possible answers: the Globe Theatre, my school playground, Wembley Stadium etc.

So a combination of a person and a place can be created: Grizzly Adams at Wembley Stadium, for example.

The 'tillgood' mentality

As explained in the hellbents post, with the 'tillgood' mentality I can continue listing people and places and try different combinations until I find a combination I find interesting. Alternatively I can just pick any combination and develop the story from there.

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