Saturday, January 14, 2006

Peripheral Viewing With A Newspaper

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Type of technique: random stimulation

Post in a nutshell: flick through a newspaper without looking directly at it. Try to guess what you see.

Peripheral viewing with a newspaper

A newspaper can be used to apply the peripheral viewing technique. To use this approach I choose a focus spot either on the newspaper itself (shown as a red cross in the image below) or just away from it (shown in blue). As I flick through the newspaper I ensure my eyes do not divert from the focus spot. I try to make sense of what I see.

As I flick through the newspaper I pretend that the newspaper is about a creative challenge or problem I am working on at the moment. I can even pretend that the newspaper is a specialist publication about that challenge or problem. As my current focus is the Olympics, I pretend that the newspaper is specifically about the Olympics. I can also use guessing. So a directive with this challenge in mind could read:

Guess what is in this publication about the Olympics.

or if I want to stray into fiction territory I can set a directive:

Guess what will feature in the newspaper during the Olympics.

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