Sunday, January 15, 2006

Some thoughts on using Google images for creativity

Future wife designs and makes her own greeting cards. I got to thinking about how I would approach the visual aspect of designing cards. There's peripheral viewing Here are two further approaches that could work.

The 'porthole' approach

With this approach I would place a small rectangle on any area of a random Google image and, with a gun-to-head mentality, force an idea from the selected area. It can help to take a step or two away from the monitor.
(c) I think the area in the 'porthole' has some visual appeal.

Images within images

With this approach I would peruse pages of random Google images and pick out the images that contain images within themselves and focus on those images.

I could also use this approach as a general creativity tool. As with peripheral viewing, I would set a directive such as:

What do you see in this image?

With the image above I initially thought it looked like a dog with a barrel beneath its neck and then I thought it looked like George W Bush with an inferno behind him.

I like the image-within-image approach because of the ambiguity of the images. An opportunity to let the imagination run riot :)

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