Saturday, February 18, 2006

Babel Fish Double Translation

I was reading about a writer who would type random nonsense on his computer without making any attempt to make proper words. He would then run the nonsense through his spellcheck to see what words were suggested. With that thought in mind I devised this little trick with AltaVista's Babel Fish. It's not unlike the Thesaurus Browsing technique:

I take a section of English text and convert it into a foreign text. Then I copy&paste that foreign text and convert it back into English. A useful technique for providing creative insights or just a bit of fun? Hmmm.

Here's some examples using my blog profile's 'About me':

English to German back to English:

What is the large idea? The large idea is a systematic method for the letter of of invention. The large idea is also the large goal. As I me endeavor to achieve my goal I, plan you many techniques, which I divide here. If I achieve my goal, I have a fine manual in each possible arena to use the creativity techniques.

English to Greek back to English:

What the big idea? The big idea is a systematic method for the novel writing. The big idea is also the big objective. Since I try to achieve my objective I devise a lot of techniques that I am shared here. When I achieve my objective I will have a thin epitome of techniques of creativity that uses in anyone space.

English to Dutch back to English:

What is the large idea? Idea of large is a systematic method write fiction. Idea of large is also the large aim. To reach strives for my aim of since I consider at I a lot of techniques matrix I here share. Aim of when I my reach I the finely compendium van will have creativity techniques in it even which sand to use

English to Russian back to English:

It will be large idea? Systematic method for writing of fiction will be large idea. Large idea will be also large purpose. I am attempted to reach my purpose 4 invent many methods I I divide here in proportion to. When I reach my purpose I will be have precise plan- the summary of methods creativity, it is which necessary to use in any arena

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