Monday, February 06, 2006

Fiction Project

I hurt my back quite badly recently but I'm still managing to put a lot of effort into my fiction project (a project to make writing fiction more systematic). I'm working on the idea of a 'nonsense reality': a world (or universe) without boundaries, a world in a constant high degree of flux. It's not unlike a dreamlike scenario. The idea is that the lack of boundaries in the nonsense reality will generate ideas quickly and these ideas can be moulded by the supertools. Once I have some ideas created in this nonsense reality I may be able to develop the ideas and make them more realistic. Hopefully this approach will also help to develop ideas with real world applications.

More soon.


Arun said...

Would love to know more about the 'nonsense reality' idea.

John's Ideas and Creativity said...

Hi Arun

Yes, I think it's an interesting idea and has some potential. This weekend I'm going to develop and test the approach. As you will know Arun, with creativity you often have to get many things wrong and try many approaches that turn out to be dead ends before you get the 'right idea', but I'm hoping this idea will be a good one.

W3 said...

This nonsense factory or reality already exists i think. The limitation is that the visit to this reality is always a short one. When our brain is in nonsense-reality it produces your kind of stuff. Just be aware and try to manage the nonsense mode and the way to get in that mode.
Sorry my English is rather bad.

John's Ideas and Creativity said...

Hi W3

I hope to have some specific techniques posted over this week and by the weekend so hopefully these will give a clearer idea of where I'm going with this thought. The techniques I believe are good for forming thought-experiments but I'm also looking into using the techniqes as free-association/focusing tools.