Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A million to one shot...or two

What if...there was a bookmakers where every bet available offered odds of one million to one?

That would be quite an interesting concept for an online gambling site; maybe someone's already done it somewhere. I've been thinking of some of the million to one bets they could offer:

A centenarian climbs Everest and reaches the summit
Any one person wins the lottery jackpot over two successive weeks
The highest selling artwork of the year is by a living artist
The Premier League football teams finish in alphabetical order
Stonehenge is stolen
A cloned racehorse wins the Epsom Derby
The Queen releases a song called "God save the Sex Pistols"

Nice. If you'd like to tune your powers of prediction then Long Bets is worth a look. Here's some of the predictions that feature:

By 2020, bioterror or bioerror will lead to one million casualties in a single event

By 2050, we will receive intelligent signals from outside our solar system.

By 2050 no synthetic computer nor machine intelligence will have become truly self-aware

By the year 2150, over 50% of schools in the USA or Western Europe will require classes in defending against robot attacks

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