Sunday, February 19, 2006

A quick way to capture key facts about a subject

If I am considering a subject - say, cats - I can improve my listing of key facts and information about cats by making the subject into a verb. Thus:

Cat does: catting

What this new verb - catting - does is remind me and help me to capture the activities that reflect the essence of 'catness'. So:

Catting = washing, sleeping, eating food, purring, being a good pet, chasing birds, fighting, mewing etc.

Cat as the object

I can also make the cat into an object - the receiver of the action. This is in the format: action/ noun. Thus:

Catting the cat

Again this helps me to list the key actions that are carried out on a cat. Thus:

Stroking, feeding, patting, taking to the vets, dragging off birds, attacking (by other cats), calling etc.

A complete sentence

I can take a word stem and make a sentence using that stem. So, if I am writing a story that involved a killing, I can create the stem 'kill' and then make a sentence using that stem:

Killer killing the killable

This helps me to list and develop the most important information. I can also use the stem to add adverbs (and/or adjectives):

Killer killing the killable killingly.

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