Saturday, February 18, 2006

Thoughts on X-versions

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This is a well-known 'game', where the lady drops through the air and hits bubbles as she falls. There's also a George Bush version, where GB falls instead of the lady. The George Bush version could be described as the 'Bush-version'. It's possible to think of more variations on the same theme by taking the template:

X-version of game

and picking random words for the 'X':

Blair version, Baby version, Blood version (where, perhaps, the person would be physically injured as they fall), Alien version, Crowd version (where several people would fall)

The original as an X-version

I can consider the original to be an X-version. I can make a list of words or phrases with an adjectival function that accurately describe the original version:

Original is a:

Blue version, Fall version, Bubble version, Silent version, Human version, Internet version

With these adjectival words written down it becomes much easier to think of alternatives. I can start with opposites, or I can consider related words:

Blue version: Green version, Red version
Fall version: Flying up version, Shot-from-a-cannon version
Bubble version: Square-bubble version, Football version
Silent version: Realistic-sound-effect version
Human version: Animal version, Skeleton version
Internet version: Real-life-model version, Screensaver version

and then allow a little interpretation or imagination:

Blue version: Naked version
Fall version: Falling-onto-explosive-'mine'-bubbles version
Silent version: Expletive version (where the person shouts expletives or 'ouches' as they hit bubbles)
Human version: Angel version (where they fly up)
Internet version: Accurate version (that shows what would actually happen to a human body with those forces applied)

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