Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thoughts on...create-as-you-go fiction.

As part of my fiction project I've been tinkering with this 'create-as-you-go' fiction approach. Imagine a story-writing 'impossible ideal' where everything is being created as the story progresses: as a character enters his house a new concept in housing (or perhaps type of house) is created. As he eats a snack a new type of eating is created and also a totally new type of food. As he walks to leave his house, he himself is created as a new type of human - perhaps with giant legs, or one that doesn't need to breathe.

I've been using the technique discussed in the defining and texturing listing activities post. Suppose a 'baddie' decides to chase me for whatever reason. I start to run. At this point I create a new type of running:

Create 'chin running'

I let my imagination run riot to define this new type of running known as 'chin running':

As I run my chin always drags along the floor
I can only run towards the nearest chin
I propel myself forwards with my chin

What are the consequences of my chin dragging on the floor as I run? Perhaps:

The baddie stares with disbelief
My chin bleeds
Passers-by stare

If I choose 'passers-by stare' as the next development I can then create a new type of staring:

Create 'drug staring'

Which could mean:

When they stare at something unusual they become high
When they stare they can tell if someone has taken drugs
When they stare drugs pop out of their mouth

Benefits and uses

Any specific uses for this approach? Not yet. But I'm thinking that there could be a 'create-as-you-go' everyday creativity where I would adopt a specific creative mind set as I go about my daily business and this could help me to nurture the habit of a having creative/innovative attitude. Time will tell. Good fun though.

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