Sunday, July 23, 2006

A blank-page Brainstorm

Searching for a subject

I want to start by listing activities. I do this with the template:

List X activity

with a random word providing the 'x'.

List smile activity: taking a photo, laughing, watching a comedy, seeing a friend, laughing at a joke, having your photo taken, having a passport photo taken, receiving 'funnies'.

List electrical activity: watching television, cutting the grass, using the microwave, replacing a battery, inserting a plug in a socket, replacing a fuse, replacing a plug

Choosing a subject

I choose "inserting a plug in a socket" as my subject.

Using "inserting actions into actions" to generate ideas

I use the inserting actions into actions method to generate ideas. I choose a specific moment of "inserting a plug into a socket" for attention. I choose: the moment the prongs enter the holes of the socket. I imagine that that action is extended to last an hour and then create moments:

Create people moment
What if: the strength of two people was needed to complete the insertion of the plug? Or if a plug could be inserted by one person only? Idea: I'm sure this has been done in some shape or form, but a plug could have a combination 'lock' that needs to be operated before the plug will work.

Create visit moment
What if: you had to 'visit' another plug in the house before you could use another? Perhaps you would have to remove the plug -- there could be a limit to the number of plugs that can be operated at any one time? (Reminds me of this: Visible display to show rate of electricity use .)

Create Saturday moment
What if: the plug, in some way, told you how many times the plug was used on the last Saturday? Idea: weekly itemised electricity readings, to show you weekly usage rates for lighting, television, computers etc.

Create talent moment
What if: instead of inserting the plug by guiding it in with your hand, you could throw it across the room and the plug would enter the socket? First thought: a device that would automatically insert plugs. And: a device that automatically removes a plug. Idea: a household could have a single "everything off" switch that would, as you leave the house, switch off all the non-essential electrical products -- lights, televisions etc. (obviously fridges wouldn't be affected.)

Create Trevor Baylis moment
What if: you stopped to ask a question such as "What ideas would Trevor Baylis devise regarding the insertion of a plug?" What if: there was a "standard challenge" that would be set when considering creativity? The challenge could be: "Devise ideas regarding the insertion of a plug". Any writings on creativity could discuss the challenge -- the challenge could be a standard entry-point for considering creativity, perhaps.

Other ideas from this brainstorm

A weekly consumption-rate provided for each street. This would work well with the water supply too: each street would be provided with a consumption-rate on a weekly basis. In times of drought, households would have a clearer idea of how their consumption rate affects shortages. Perhaps it would also set a kind of target.

A burglar alarm triggered by the removal of plugs (or the switching on of lights). Or maybe the electricity meter could detect any fluctuations in consumption rates (caused by burglars unplugging appliances and switching on lights) and activate an alarm.

A sensor that detects REM sleep and switches the TV off.

A sensor that turns on the TV when you wake up.

A sensor connected to a device that opens curtains when you wake up.

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