Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Two letter reverse-reach for finding a creative focus

This is a useful technique that can be used to step up to a broader concept level and name further subjects for creative attention.

With this technique I take a subject -- the Olympics, for this example -- and imagine that "Olympics" was my answer to a prompter question that was created using two random letters.


My subject is "The Olympics" and I choose two random letters to form a possible prompter-question. Examples:

SP = Name a Sporting Party
DS = Name a Decent Spectacle
AT = Name an Athlete Tester

I can form longer phrases if I wish:

DD = Name something that provokes Drug Debate
EL = Name a future Event in London
PW = Name something with a Police Watch
RS = Name something that Requires Stewards
DQ = Name something that Decides with Qualification

Naming Subjects for creative focus

I can use any of the prompter-questions to name more possible subjects for creative attention:

Name a decent spectacle:

Firework night
London marathon
Christmas lights in London
The Red Arrows
The Natural Seven Wonders


Name something with a police watch:

A police station
A surveillance operation
The camera in a police car
A speeding trap
A speech by a leading officer

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