Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A couple of thoughts

Here's a couple of things that I've been thinking about lately and that I'd like to pursue when I get a chance.

The start of a creative challenge

Suppose I worked for the BBC and I my creative challenge was: devise an advert for The Apprentice show. There would be a point in the future when my goal to devise a great advert would (hopefully) be realised. However, would there be any value in considering how the goal has already been realised to a degree (even the smallest, almost imperceptible degree) before I've even started working on my challenge? Here are some initial thoughts:

The show itself is already -- to a degree -- an advert as people can switch on the TV and see the show.

The show appears in the TV listings. These too are adverts.

There are already adverts made for other TV shows on the same channel. These will make people more likely to watch TV and thus -- by chance -- happen upon The Apprentice.

This Apprentice example maybe isn't the best example, but I'll consider this approach and see if it offers any insights into creative problem solving. Maybe such thoughts could be used to help list information about a subject or even redefine a challenge. Jump in if you have any thoughts.

Ideas in flux

I've always thought of an idea as a kind of ultimate final product of a number of novel combinations. But what if any idea -- and its components -- is constantly in a state of flux: the 'final' idea is actually just a stage of the journey of a greater idea? Could a kind of 'next stage' of a journey be crafted so that an idea evolves into new ideas and greater concepts are uncovered?

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