Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Starting-point for creative challenges. Thinking strategies

FreeFoto.comI spotted this situation on Psychology Blog. In short, an optician has decided to publicise his business by printing flyers and putting them on vehicles in the area. I want to use this situation to demonstrate some thoughts on creativity.

I'll put myself into the position of the optician (at a specific time):

I'm an optician, I'm about to leave my premises to put leaflets on the windscreens of local cars. I have hired a temp to help me distribute the leaflets. We have fifty leaflets each to distribute.

A starting-point and initial thinking strategies

What I want to do is consider if there's a starting-point (initial focus) for considering this challenge (or any creative challenge) and investigate if there are some fundamental initial thinking strategies that can develop the starting-point in order to create different ideas, options, focuses, tangents and perspectives -- such as (with me as the optician):

I could do this leaflet distribution on a weekly basis.
I could have made these leaflets in the shape of glasses instead of rectangular -- that would grab more attention.
I could get the temp to dress up in a novelty costume.
I could've contacted an advertising professional or agency to get feedback on the effectiveness of such a scheme.
There is a man selling flowers at the side of the road. I could ask him to give a leaflet to anyone who buys his flowers.
If any passers-by seem curious about what we are doing I will give them a leaflet.
Tomorrow I will print another 100 leaflets and put them through local doors.
I will offer a service to all opticians in London where I'll print their leaflets and employ someone to distribute them.
I'll do some research about the wording of advertisements and see if my choice of words is effective (as discussed on Psychology Blog).
I can get really creative and create some fictional research. Such as: research shows that people are more likely to read a leaflet if it's square rather than rectangular.
Stuff this! I'm going down the pub!
I'm fed up with being an optician -- I want to be a taxi driver.

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