Sunday, September 17, 2006

Challenge: Can you invent a new sport?

From BrainReactions' Brainstorming tool:

Can you make up some new sports? (even if they are a bit silly)

I quite like this one:

Long distance races (such as 10000m) where the person in last place is eliminated every 500 metres. So, the resulting event tests both sprinting and stamina.


nikola said...

what is the point of cancelling the last runner appart from humiliation or demotivation? obviosly you haven't done endrance sports yourself. this concept can only make sense at the top elite level but even than its depressing because this is not the nature of running.

therefore you can not just be creative, you need to have practical experience and some basic understandanding of the matter, and you need to feel it. "creativity" by itself is worth nothing.

John's Ideas and Creativity said...

Nikola, you seem to assume that I'm championing the idea and pushing for its introduction. That's not the case. It's "just another idea" in a brainstorm.

Mike said...

I have created a better baseball game...check it out at

Katie Konrath said...

I think it's an interesting idea because it challenges runners to be both fast and trained for long-distance. This would be intriguing to explore further.

Not every idea has to sound fantastic to every person--ideas are just about challenging current ways of doing things to see where there is potential. So, the humiliation and demotivation would be two things to work on, but not necessarily a reason to completely throw out the idea.

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