Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Optician Project: Carrying out operations on the focus-word

FreeFoto.comI'm an optician and I'm about to do a project: I'll leave my premises to put advertising leaflets on the windscreens of local cars. I have hired a temp to help me distribute the leaflets. We have fifty leaflets each to distribute.

In the previous post I used the following layout to show my intention to create alternatives:

The opticians is advertised by the leaflets ANDOR (operations)

In this post I will be looking at the three operations that can be carried out on the focus-word (leaflets). These three operations are: upping the concept level, naming, and modified naming.

Upping the concept level

The three techniques for stepping up the concept level are explained in the post Selecting information and stepping up the concept level. The three techniques there are:

1) Stepping up to dictionary level
2) Stepping up to category-triggers
3) Stepping up to the level created by hindsight-questions

Naming and Modified Naming

The naming and modified naming techniques are explained in the Naming and Modified Naming post.

An example of the operations in use

My information shown with all the five operations available to me looks as follows:

The opticians is advertised by the leaflets ANDOR: (Step up to dictionary level) (Step up to category-triggers) (Hindsight-question level) (Naming) (Modified naming)

I can now consider my focus-word -- leaflets -- and apply an operation. For this example I choose to step up the concept level with a hindsight-question. To give the answer "leaflets" my hindsight-question could be "Name a paper advertisement". Thus my new concept level is: paper advertisement. I can add this as my first alternative to leaflets. This is the first idea:

The opticians is advertised by the leaflets ANDOR paper advertisement(s)

A sequence of operations

I can use a sequence of operations. For example, with my information:

The opticians is advertised by the leaflets ANDOR a paper advertisement(s)

I can now carry out an operation on paper advertisement(s). Using the naming operation I set a directive:

Name a paper advertisement

Possible answers:

Yellow Pages
Newspaper advertisements
A billboard
A business card

I can then select any (or all) of these answers to complete my information and thus create ideas:

The opticians is advertised by the leaflets ANDOR paper advertisement(s) ANDOR newspaper advertisements

At this point I can continue to apply operations to newspaper advertisements or apply operations to the information listed previously: leaflets or paper advertisements.


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