Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Optician Project. Creative Phase: The creative ANDOR

FreeFoto.comI'm an optician and I'm about to do a project: I'll leave my premises to put advertising leaflets on the windscreens of local cars. I have hired a temp to help me distribute the leaflets. We have fifty leaflets each to distribute.

The first step I take when using the creative-ANDOR is to write some information; I can find my information by randomly picking an item from the information pool. For this example I choose:

The leaflets advertise the opticians

In this sentence, opticians is the focus-word -- that is, if I am looking to create ideas my search for ideas will be based on that word.

Changing the focus-word by restructuring the sentence

I can opt to make any word in the sentence the focus-word. I do this by simply choosing a word and rearranging the sentence to make that word the last word of the sentence. So with:

The leaflets advertise the opticians

I want to make leaflets the focus-word, so I rearrange the sentence to give:

The opticians is advertised by the leaflets

The creative ANDOR

With leaflets my new focus-word, I want to make changes with a view to creating new ideas. There are two main changes I can make: I can either select straight alternatives to the leaflets, or create alternatives by carrying out some operations on the leaflets. I show my intention to do this by adding two ANDORs to the sentence:

The opticians is advertised by the leaflets ANDOR

To the right of the ANDOR next to leaflets I will be carrying out operations on the leaflets. Beneath the ANDOR under leaflets I will be listing alternatives to the leaflets:

The opticians is advertised by the leaflets ANDOR (operations)

Carrying out operations on the focus-word
Creating straight alternatives for the focus-word

See also: Serious Creativity: Using the Power of Lateral Thinking to Create New Ideas by Edward de Bono. (Chapter : Alternatives)


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