Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Optician Project: The Creative Phase

My posts to date of the Optician Project have focused on one activity alone: the listing of information. My posts henceforth will discuss the creative phase: the idea generation, brainstorming etc.

The techniques listed so far I would consider to be my core techniques for the listing of information:

Starting out (with a handle on the situation)

Listing key information with category-triggers

Switching the focus

Inger profiling for the listing of information

Using random words to list information

Listing information with hindsight-focus

Selecting information and stepping up the concept level

Listing information with action-units

Naming and Modified Naming

and of course, a quota-listing mentality can be applied at any stage of listing.

However, I am currently considering more techniques that can be used for listing information. These are at the thought-experiment stage, but I will outline the details on my shadow blog:

Listing multiple starts (link to come)
Listing "utterances" (link to come)
Watered-down challenges (link to come)

and then add these techniques to this blog if I find that they serve as useful information-listing tools.

There are other information-listing techniques on this blog that are worth a look and that I may also add at a later date:

Finding key facts with the suffix and stem methods

Possession-string for listing information

Ing-est for listing information

Using adverbs to list information


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