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The Optician Project: The Information Pool

Here's the information pool showing information listed regarding the Optician Project. I must stress that this information is only the information generated within each of the previous posts; ideally I would like to carry out an extensive (and potentially exhaustive) listing of information (something I will do when time is being kinder).

Optician Project: information pool

The category-triggers:

Time(s) Duration(s) Place(s) Project(s) People(s) Thing(s) Object(s) Activity(ies)

From Quota listing:

Me (as optician). Receptionist. My wife. The temp. Most regular customer. The manager of the restaurant next door. The future boss of this opticians. The editor of the local newspaper. Tony Blair. My first ever customer. Location: 22 New Cambridge Road. East end of the street. Next to barber's shop. South England. My home. My car. The map/sign at the end of the street. The local newsagents. The local park. My advertisement in Yellow Pages. The homes of my regular customers. The pair of glasses that Mr Rogers bought five months ago. The local swimming baths.

From Starting out:

The project. Putting leaflets on cars. This afternoon. Promoting awareness of my business. Bringing in more customers.

From Listing key information:

Briefing the temp on my requirements. Leaving the shop. Putting the first leaflet on the first car. The end of the project. The first customer comes in with a leaflet. The afternoon of the leaflet distribution. Today. Ten seconds (the time to put a leaflet on a car). Five minutes (the time it takes me to explain my requirements to the temp). Six weeks (the time over which I expect new customers to arrive with leaflets). The optician's premises. The street with cars. The location of the first car to receive a leaflet. The location of the last car. The delivery area allocated to the temp. Designing the leaflet. Printing the leaflet. Putting the leaflet on one car. Greeting and helping the customers that result from the leaflet distribution. Our returning to the premises after the leaflet distribution. Any individual that receives a leaflet. The first impression a leaflet gives. The way a leaflet is left on a car. The "feelgood factor" that will occur when the distribution is complete. The receptionist's thoughts on the project. The leaflet's colour. The first leaflet. The windscreen wipers under which the leaflets will be placed. Any car that receives a leaflet. The hand that puts a leaflet on a car. Choosing a car to receive a leaflet. Allocating fifty leaflets to the temp. Reflecting on the project at the end of the day. Putting a leaflet under a windscreen wiper. Ending the distribution when we run out of leaflets.

From Switching the Focus:

Opening time. First customer of day arrives. New stock arrives. Closing time. Anniversary of first opening. The Christmas period. The half hour it takes for an eye test. Weekends. The business year. Purchase made. The front counter. The display area (for glasses). The front window. The eye-test room. The forecourt. Arranging the displays. General maintenance. Utilizing latest technology. Finding the right product for each customer. All customers. Rival opticians. Dissatisfied customers. Ambience of premises. Winter/summer temperature. The risk of vandalism/shoplifting. Demand. Size of premises. Any glasses on display. Contact lenses. The telephone. Eye-test equipment. Furniture. Receiving a phone call. Cleaning. Maintaining records. Greeting customers. Arranging stock layout.

From Inger profiling:

Customers who get a good deal. Lack of customers coming to shop. Reading about an optician who did a similar project. The local car park won't let us put leaflets on the cars there. My diary. The printers -- who printed the leaflets. My home -- where I wrote the first draft of the leaflet. My desk -- where I store the leaflets ready for distribution. The printing of leaflets. The first draft. The storage of leaflets. Preparing for distribution. My PC -- where I designed and amended the text. The printer's PC -- used for cosmetic amendments to the leaflets. A local business proprietor could be influenced to do a similar project. A youngster passing a leafleted car could steal the leaflet. Our leaving the premises with a handful of leaflets. The printer reviewing his accounts sees a record of my investment in his services.

From random word information:

The movement that a leaflet makes when a car owner moves a leaflet from under their windscreen wiper. The distribution area that produces the most customers. The individual who distributes the most leaflets in the shortest amount of time. Some of the leaflets will still be on the cars at night. I'll be reflecting on the project tonight. Any lady whose car receives a leaflet. Success = when a leaflet produces a customer. Success = when the leaflet distribution is completed. Cars outside the cinema will be leafleted by us. The number of leaflets distributed by us gradually increases. The second car to receive a leaflet. The temp is second in command. This is a pioneering project for this opticians.

From Listing information with hindsight-focus:

I scribbled my first draft on a piece of paper. I'll be paying the temp with cash. I'm keeping a record of the number of customers generated by the distribution. The job advert that made the temp apply for the job. The advert for the printer in Yellow Pages. Leaflet recipient's reading of a leaflet. Recipients becoming customers. The distribution route. The leaflet's layout on my PC. Potential customers. 100 distributions. 100 placings of the leaflets onto cars. The print run. The original draft. The cars' owners. Passers-by. The wording on the leaflets. Who to employ to help me distribute leaflets. Where to distribute the leaflets. The number of leaflets to distribute. The plastic bags we are carrying to cover the leaflets (in case of rain). The back of the leaflets. My rivals. Our presence is seen in the high street. The copy of the leaflet I display at my premises in the window. The printer and the printer's staff will see the leaflet. The presence of something on cars will no doubt make some motorists think they have a parking ticket. Our approaching cars and putting leaflets under the windscreen wipers. Our absence at the optician's premises will no doubt be noticed by some (existing) customers.

From Stepping up the concept level:

Leaflet (dictionary level concept). Leaflet = A printed sheet of paper with information, to be distributed for advertising purposes. Leaflet distribution (at dictionary level concept). Things that took hours to prepare. Paper advertisements. Something that people read that tells them about a business.

From Action-unit listing:

Optician distributes leaflets. Optician designs leaflets. Optician prints leaflets. Optician carries leaflets. Optician amends leaflets. Optician alters leaflets. Optician benefits from leaflets. Optician believes in leaflets. Optician creates leaflets. Optician carries leaflets. Optician distributes leaflets. Optician designs leaflets. Optician edits leaflets. Optician favours leaflets. Optician gathers leaflets. Optician handles leaflets. Optician holds leaflets. Optician initiates leaflets. Optician inspects leaflets. Optician joins leaflets (together). Optician keeps leaflets. Optician likes leaflets. Optician makes leaflets. Optician manages leaflets. Optician needs leaflets. Optician notes leaflets. Optician orders leaflets. Optician proof-reads leaflets. Optician quantifies leaflets. Optician reads leaflets. Optician relishes leaflets. Optician shares leaflets. Optician transports leaflets. Optician understands leaflets. Optician values leaflets. Optician waits for leaflets. Optician walks with leaflets. Optician copies leaflets. Optician yields leaflets. Optician zones leaflets. Optician sings praises of leaflets. Optician deletes drafts of leaflets. Optician shows final draft to receptionist. Leaflets advertise optician. Leaflets bolster optician. Leaflets champion optician. Leaflets further optician. Leaflets grab (interest) of optician. Temp gathers leaflets. Car owners gather leaflets. Printer gathers leaflets. Receptionist gathers leaflets. Car owner's family gathers leaflets. Car owner's friends gather leaflets. Passers-by gather leaflets.


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