Sunday, September 10, 2006

Optician Project: Inserting actions into actions

FreeFoto.comI'm an optician and I'm about to do a project: I'll leave my premises to put advertising leaflets on the windscreens of local cars. I have hired a temp to help me distribute the leaflets. We have fifty leaflets each to distribute.

With this technique I select an action from the information pool and consider how a randomly chosen action could be inserted into that action.


From the information pool I choose the action of: the leaflet distribution. I can make a guesstimate on the duration of this action:

Inserting an action

I can choose a random verb/action (see how to create a list of verbs) and consider how I would insert that action into the action of distributing leaflets. So, with the chosen action finding I consider how I can insert finding into the action of leaflet distribution:

So my creative challenge would read:

How can I insert finding into the action of the leaflet distribution?

Some possibilities:

1) During distribution, find new places that could distribute leaflets (shops etc)
2) Wait for a car owner to find their car and get feedback
3) Find a street with many cars parked
4) Go back later and find out if any leaflets are in the bin!
5) Find anyone I know and give them a leaflet


There are other variations to this approach: I can specify the duration of the inserted action before I choose a random action:

Or, I can make the inserted action longer than the main action:

Or, before I insert an action, I can name an action that occurs within the main action. In this example, an action that occurs within the leaflet distribution is: putting the leaflet on the car. Then I can insert an action into that action.


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