Saturday, September 09, 2006

Optician Project: Modified Creating

FreeFoto.comI'm an optician and I'm about to do a project: I'll leave my premises to put advertising leaflets on the windscreens of local cars. I have hired a temp to help me distribute the leaflets. We have fifty leaflets each to distribute.

If I consider any piece of information from the information pool (designing the leaflet, for example) I can set a creative directive such as:

Create an idea for the designing of the leaflet.

However, I can set a creative directive in the format:

Create X idea (for the designing of the leaflet)

and choose a random word for the X, to modify the creating.

Creating an idea

In answering the modified creative directive I like to create an idea as quickly as I can. I can imagine that I have been set a deadline to create an idea (any idea) in ten seconds. The important point is to guarantee newness. I can also set a quota: say, five ideas in a minute.

An example

Focusing on designing the leaflet I create my modified creative directive with the random word "accident":

Create an accident idea (for the designing of the leaflet)

So applying a quota (five ideas in a minute) here are the ideas:

1) We rely on chance to create the leaflet: we pick a leaflet at random and make an identical design to that leaflet
2) We make the leaflet blood red
3) We include statistics on the leaflet about road accidents caused by defective vision
4) We deliberately include spelling errors on the leaflet
5) We list mistakes that can be made during a design project (for future reference)

More examples

Subject (from information pool) = The front counter (of the shop)

Random word = prison

Directive = Create a prison idea for the front desk

(A slight tangent from considering the leaflet distribution project.)


1) All the information about customers is retained at the front desk
2) There is always someone at the front desk, 24/7 (person "imprisoned" at desk)
3) There are always leaflets kept at the front desk
4) We cater for unusual customers (prisoners etc.)
5) We publish a mission statement like "We don't let customers go until they are satisfied with our service and our products"

Example two:

Subject = Briefing the temp on my requirements

Random word = armageddon

Directive = Create an armageddon idea for the briefing of the temp


1) I set a deadline for the completion of the task
2) We make a list of things that could go wrong (or a worst case scenario)
3) We decide to make this the last time we will do the project
4) We destroy the leaflets and publicize the business another way
5) I offer an incentive -- such as a trip to the cinema

Example three:

Subject = Reflecting on the project at the end of the day

Random word = Individual

Directive = Create an individual idea for the reflections on the distribution


1) I ask the temp to write feedback alone
2) I ask the temp if any individual received a leaflet and seemed positive
3) I ask the temp to keep one leaflet on display in his own car
4) I ask the temp if he knows any individual who can promote the business in future
5) We decide that the first individual who arrives (as a result of the leafleting) will receive freebies


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