Saturday, July 28, 2007

Systematic Fiction: The Gods of the Story

The Gods of the Story (GOTS) are a group of all-powerful beings who can do anything. Absolutely anything. But instead of using their powers to amass a great fortune or have great worldly power, they use their powers to play with reality and set up interesting situations. The GOTS apply their power using six supertools: supersee, action on all, supermove, possess, possess all-but-one, and ER (degree change).


Using supersee, the GOTS can see anything they choose, in any location around the world. If they want to supersee a person they can do so, and the GOTS see that person as though they were viewing the person from two metres away. Supersee can also be used to see groups of items: for example if the GOTS wanted to see all the world leaders then they could apply supersee to see all the leaders at once and, if they decided to do so, they could "zoom in" on any individual of the group. Supersee can also be used to see actions and events. For example, the GOTS may wish to supersee all the violent crimes occurring now.

The GOTS can use superlatives to refine their subject. For example, they could supersee: the ten cleverest people in the world.

Action on all

With action-on-all, the GOTS can choose something to receive an action and then they carry out an action that is received by every example of that thing. For example, they could choose "car headlights" as a subject and decide that they want to break all car headlights. They apply action-on-all and as a result all the car headlights in the world would be broken. As they are omnipotent, the GOTS could refine the subject -- they could break all the headlights on only extremely valuable cars, for example.


With supermove, the GOTS pick a subject or subjects (perhaps using supersee) and they can then move it to any place they choose, instantly or gradually.


The GOTS can possess any individual or any number of people at once. That is, they occupy a chosen person's body and can then carry out actions as if they were that person at the scene.

Possess all-but-one

With posses-all-but-one the GOTS can possess all-but-one persons at a scene.


With ER the GOTS can change the degree of any characteristic of any subject they choose. For example, they could choose a subject such as a dog, choose a characteristic - fierceness, for example - and then make the dog either more fierce or less fierce. The degree can be changed by extreme amounts: the dog could be made so fierce that it immediately attacks everything in sight, or so docile that it wouldn't respond to any amount of provocation.

Normal people and supertools

The GOTS can bestow the ability to use supertools on any individual. For example, if "bad guy" is attacking "good guy" and good-guy suddenly receives the ability to use supertools, then good- guy could simply supermove bad-guy to another place. Or goodie could "play with power" and perhaps supermove bad-guy to a horrible place. Or he could use ER to make bad guy ten centimetres tall and then effect his revenge using his new range of options that become available with the supertools.

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