Monday, October 08, 2007

Bloggers Unite to Find Missing Persons

I've just had the following idea published on the Global Ideas Bank:

Bloggers Unite To Find Missing Persons

I'd like to pursue the idea and see if I can get it up and running; I'll make some preliminary enquiries. I also started a brainstorm about it on BrainReactions' Brainstorming Tool:

What do you think of this idea? Is it doable? Is it worth doing?

Jump in if you have any thoughts. Here's the text of the idea:

The Problem:

Making the public aware of missing persons. Keeping level of awareness high.

The Social Invention:

Blogs could be used to display photographs of missing children and people.

A website could be started that makes a code available that all bloggers can post into their blogger code. This code would result in the blog displaying a photograph of the missing person (probably next to the list of links), plus a phone number or email address to contact if the blog's visitors recognise the person. A different missing person could feature each week, and every blog participating in the scheme would display the same photograph.

A different code could be produced for each country, so that, for example, a UK blog would display a photograph of a person missing in the UK, etc. Bloggers could also have the option to post the code within a post on their own blog so that the blog’s visitors can use the code to create a display for their their own blogs. For those who would like to be more involved in the scheme, ready-made blog posts could be made available that can be copy and pasted to quickly create a new blog post. The aim of this post would be to provide more information about the missing person.

In the States there is a well-known scheme where photographs of missing children appear on milk cartons. However, this "blog for missing people" scheme would allow people to take a more active role by posting missing person information on their blogs.

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