Sunday, October 21, 2007

Can you think of different "angles of attack" for this brainstorm?

I started the following Brainstorm on BrainReactions' Brainstorming Tool:

Can you think of different "angles of attack" for this brainstorm?

based on the brainstorm:

What would be a unique name for a new carwash business?

Obviously the initial approach is to directly make a suggestion for a name. But there are other approaches such as "consult a marketing expert" or "look at existing names for carwash businesses in Yellow Pages for inspiration".

Eventually I'm hoping that somehow I will be able to devise a system/strategy to generate many different ways to approach and solve any problem. Please let me know if you have any thoughts on how this could be done.


ranen said...

Hi John,

What is your USP? what does the brand stand for? what is the story of your brand? I suggest to try and find a solid, unique and interesting point - and then to find a great name.

John's Systematic Fiction and Creativity said...

Thanks ranen. I've been thinking about this problem for years and I've yet to get near to finding a solution. Finding different approaches to solving a problem can happen automatically if you're an experienced brainstormer or someone who's had lots of experience solving specific problems like the carwash-naming challenge, but I'd like to create a strategy that doesn't rely on experience: different angles-of-attack would be suggested by the strategy. The Apprentice Show's challenges are a good example of where people can overlook the simplest of options when they approach a challenge. Could there be a thinking-model that could be used to create an extensive array options for the participants? And would this thinking-model be useable in other areas? I have a few ideas I'll blog about soon but I have nothing concrete. Hopefully the BrainReactions challenge will list possible angles that I can use when trying to create this thinking-model/strategy.

ranen said...

I get your point. It is an interesting approach. I'll think about it and add my ideas on the Brainreactions challenge.