Monday, October 29, 2007

Harvesting the "Hidden" Ideas in Society

I started the following challenge on Imagination Club:

There is a saying "There is a book in everyone". It's also often true that there is "A good idea in everyone". I often speak to people and they tell me that they have a good idea -- often an idea that won't make money for them or anyone else -- but could change the world for the better. Often they add that they don't know what to do about it to get it "out there".

Here's the challenge:

How can we harvest and organise these "hidden" ideas?

and then perhaps...

How could we get some actualised?

It's worth bearing in mind that I'm thinking of an ordinary "person in the street" -- by that I mean someone who probably doesn't think about actively using their creativity or joining imagination clubs! :)

You can join Imagination Club here

and read the club archives here

I've toyed with idea of attempting to find a way to harvest these "hidden" ideas through some kind of project involving the Global Ideas Bank but it will be interesting to see what ideas the Imagination Club members come up with!

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