Monday, October 22, 2007

ThinkCube Competition

Kes Sampanthar of MetaMemes started a competition on BrainReactions' BrainStorming Tool:

Innovation Competition: How can you promote / market a new innovative product?

Generate ideas to promote and market a new innovation product, ThinkCube. More information - - Ideas are specific and actionable - Ideas require minimal budget End Date: 10/19/2007

Glitter and I were awarded joint first place. My idea was:

Become a facilitator for live brainstorms on BrainReactions - or in a chat room or a facility on your own site - and, if possible, use the ThinkCube as a guide to aid you in prompting participants. Have a different challenge each week. Log all the best ideas on your website.

and Glitter's was:

Donate ThinkCube to non-profit organizations to help them develop innovative ideas.

In this post on the MetaMemes blog, Kes posts his final shortlist and the two ideas that Sue Sampanthar selected as the winners. Kes goes on to say that he'll be starting the brainstorm I suggested in the next couple of weeks and also starting a brainstorm to select a problem for the brainstorm to address. I'll post news about these events on this blog when I get it.

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