Monday, August 17, 2015

CLMR Options

This CLMR acronym is a tool for assumption busting. (Pronounced as "Calmer".)

My daughter turned to me one day and said, "Let's draw a robot!" If we went straight to the task we'd probably end up drawing a typical cartoon-style robot. However, the CLMR acronym suggests we take a pause, take a step back, and look at other options that are just as valuable.The letters stand for:

C = Create
L = List
M = Make up (Guess or Lie)
R = Research

If we want to draw a robot and the directive we have in mind is "draw a robot" then the CLMR options would suggest:

Create a robot 

We'd ignore existing robots and wade into the creative process to generate our own idea of a robot.

List Robot

We'd make a list of existing robots. Robots from movies, fiction, books, etc. We could select one to draw.

Make up

We could guess about either a robot that existed or one that will exist. For example, we could make a guess about what robots will appear in future Star Wars movies. We could guess what ideas were considered during the preliminary design stages of C3PO or R2D2 etc. All guesswork - no wrong answers!


Imagination can run riot for the lie! We could imagine that a robot had been invented to help round the home. What would it look like? What jobs would it do?


To do research we could pick one of the robots listed above (by the List option) and do some research on it. A good place to start is an image search. Obviously Wikipedia, too. 

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