Saturday, November 03, 2018

Methods to generate speech

These methods help to generate dialogue or ideas for:

A: Stories.
B: Brainstorms.

When writing a story it's really hard to write dialogue out of thin air. Similarly with brainstorming it's hard to pluck ideas out of nothing. These methods make generating speech and ideas easier by creating speech from existing sounds: You listen to either the sound that a dice makes when rolled in a container, or  the sound a pen makes when you write. Then, in your head, you generate words that are kind of "suggested" by the sound.

The Methods

NB: With these methods the chosen topic is London.

Method 1 . Using the sound of writing.

With method 1 I roll two dice and then write the two numbers from the dice onto paper. I listen closely to the sound the pen makes on the paper when I write, and generate speech that is suggested by that sound.

The numbers 3 and 1 are written on paper thus:

The sound, converted into speech, gave:

What did we lose in the Blitz?

Here's a few more numbers the dice rolled, and the London-related speech that was generated from the sound of the writing:

65: Where did all the monarchs live?
11: When will you go?
36: You get the Chelsea pensioners.

Method 2

With method 2 I roll one dice and listen to the sound the dice makes - the rattling - in its container and generate speech based on that sound.

With the London topic in mind, I rolled and generated the following lines:

Has it always been the capital?
What's the crime rate?
I like the Christmas lights.

Other methods

Only one dice and a single number

This is obviously a variation on Method 1.

The dice is rolled:

and then the number on the dice is written:

and then the sound is interpreted. In this case I interpreted the pen sound as:

Could it flood again?

Coin sphere

With this method I use the noise generated by a coin rattled in a spherical container.

Using letters

With this method I pick a couple of letters from a sentence I've already written on paper and write them out and use that sound to generate the speech.

I pick the letters "lo".

and write them out:

The sound of the writing of "lo" when applied to the topic of London's Blitz led to:

Where did my own family go?

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