Monday, November 22, 2004

16 Ideas for Big Brother

1) 'Mini Big Brother' at the end of the series: at the end of each series, a mini Big Brother could run for a week. Twelve housemates would be picked (perhaps with half through auditions and half through a ballot) and elimination would occur (by a mixture of nominations and phone votes) over the week until there is a winner.

2) A 'Holiday in the house' competition: After 'Mini Big Brother' the house could be occupied for a week by twelve people who won their place through various competitions. This would not be televised.

3) Subscribe to participants: Through the website there could be an option to 'subscribe' to the particpants. All participants would keep a blog after the series where they post their post-house activities and the blog is emailed to the subscribers. There could also be an option for them to post on their blog while they are in the house. This would happen in the diary room.

4) A competition for viewers to 'visit' the house and see action live (through a specially placed mirror).

5) A system where housemates accumulate reward points.

6) A 'Treats room' where housemates with the highest number of reward points receive treats - massages, video messages from family or the right to send a video message to their family.

7) Housemates who have achieved a certain number of reward points could be allowed to bring in another luxury item.

8) A 'Punishment room' for housemates who have the lowest number of points. Here they would meet old teachers, have old school reports read out, see childhood photos, have to listen to songs released by previous housemates etc.

9) The housemate with the lowest number of points could 'lose secrecy' so that their voice is projected through speakers throughout the house.

10) A challenge where the housemates have to do impersonations of other contestants and the viewers vote for the best one.

11) Statistics:
The bottom of the screen could have 'on this day' stats. Such as "On day 21 in Big Brother 2000 X and X argued.." etc.
All time top ten of eviction calls.
Most popular housemate each week by website 'hits' and google searches.

12) A competition where viewers can win an hour in the house. They can either interact with the housemates or the housemates would be in an 'isolation room'.

13) A weekly charity auction where items from the house that week are auctioned off.

14) A week when evictee is chosen by housemates only. In the event of a draw there is a second round of votes.

15) A compilation of text messages on the website. Prizes for those voted the funniest etc.

16) BBLB could meet the people who were in reserve.