Friday, June 24, 2005

The ten percent method

The ten percent method is a simple method for creating ideas.

Information about a subject can be listed using the strategies in the profiling subjects, pangram trigger profiling and category headings/pre-listing posts. The information can be pluralised (if not already a plural) and the ten percent method applied.

Using the ten percent method

This explanation will use the information listed (from both key terms and the main body of information) about the Wimbledon tournament. The template for the idea generation is:

10 % of X is X

so if I use the listed information 'ballboys/ballgirls' the completed template will be:

10 % of ballboys/girls are X

For the 'X' I can systematically insert one of the nine category headings. Which gives:

10 % of ballboys/girls are TIME ballboys/girls
10 % of ballboys/girls are PLACE ballboys/girls
10 % of ballboys/girls are THING ballboys/girls
10 % of ballboys/girls are PERSON ballboys/girls
10 % of ballboys/girls are DOING ballboys/girls
10 % of ballboys/girls are BEING ballboys/girls
10 % of ballboys/girls are HAVING ballboys/girls
10 % of ballboys/girls are SAYING ballboys/girls
10 % of ballboys/girls are KNOWLEGE ballboys/girls

I can run through these (and the template: '10 % of ballboys/girls are X') and see if any ideas immediately come to light.

Using the original template '10% of ballboys/girls are X' I reached an immediate idea - that ten percent of the ballboys/girls would be chosen by nationwide ballot or competition. (As it stands I believe the ballboys/girls are selected from local schools.) I'm sure many young people would jump at the chance to do the job.

With '10 % of ballboys/girls are TIME ballboys/girls' I wondered if they could use ballboys/girls from another time. Maybe they could use young people who did the job at other tournaments? Or maybe there could be a kind of exchange system where ballboys/girls from tournaments around the world are given the chance to work at other international tournaments.

In addition to using the nine category headings for 'X' I can use any word/concept produced using directed-association, flip-flop directed-association or pangram trigger.

With the template:

10% of tournament ends are X

I selected the word 'to' to give:

10% of tournament ends are TO

Which made me think there could be a big party off site at the end (that players would go TO) or maybe all competitors from the tournament could run on the court at the end like the competitors at the end of the Olympics?

Other ideas

10% of wimbledon tournaments are X

I converted to:

10% of Wimbledon tournaments are TIME

I chose a time - autumn - and considered what '10% of Wimbledon tournaments are autumn' suggested. This led to an interesting idea - that during the Olympics the Wimbledon tournament could fuse with the Olympics tennis tournament. There have been some problems with the lack of interest in the Olympics tennis tournament. Perhaps this could provide a spur?
10% of Wimbledon courts are CLAY

Perhaps not a good idea in itself, but maybe the winner of Wimbledon could play the winner of another tournament in a match over two legs - one on grass and one on clay.

10% of crowds are X

Reminded me of this idea: A section of seats in TV studio audiences auctioned for charity projects

Perhaps a similar arrangement could be done at the final and other popular games?

10% of finals are X

The doubles finals are around the same time as the singles finals. Perhaps the doubles tournament could take place at another time in the summer. This would attract the top stars as they would not be concerned with their involvement in the doubles jeopardizing their singles chances.

10% of autographs are X

Players sign autographs for fans after the game. There could be an autograph tent where the public can go to meet the players and get autographs, or there could be a shop selling autographed items such as balls and photographs of players in action.

10% of dew that falls onto court overnight is X

I thought the dew could be bottled-up and sold off. A daft idea, but things such as the nets (or even the court) could be auctioned off after the event in a grand auction.

10% of fast serves are X

I used the category heading to give: "10% of fast serves are person" which gave me the idea that there could be an arrangement at the Wimbledon site where the public can serve a ball and have their service speed measured. There could be a competition for the fastest in different categories.

10% of trophies are X

Similar to the World Cup there could be a trophy kept by any player who wins the competition three times.

10% of tickets are X

There could be a cheaper ticket that enables the spectator to view only the practice courts or less popular games. (They may already do this perhaps).

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