Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Google Images for Creating Ideas

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Technique in a nutshell: choose an image. Pick out an object in the image. If the object is in the background imagine it somewhere in the foreground. If the object is in the foreground imagine it somewhere in the background. Consider/create a purpose/function of the object in its new context.

Google Images for Creating Ideas

I start by accessing pages of random images on Google.

Then I pick out an object in the image. I do this by either straightforwardly picking an object or I select an area of colour/shading and treat that area of shading as though it's a three dimensional object.

At the next stage I take my object (or area of shading) and change the perspective, so that the object is either (within the image) further away or closer.

Then the creative work begins and I consider what function the object/shading has.


I'll post anything worthwhile here as I go. I expect (computer permitting) to experiment with this approach over the next few days

Idea 1

With this image

I spotted the person in the background (in the blue jeans and red top) treated him/her as an object and changed the perspective - brought the 'object' nearer - so that the person became an appendage/extension of the skateboarder's (?) helmet. (No laughing at the back, please). I considered what function the object may have and realised that an object would raise the skateboarder's centre of gravity. So, maybe there could be a device worn by skateboarders/skiiers that would raise their centre of gravity and make the activity more difficult. Alternatively there could be a way to lower a skateboarder's/skiier's centre of gravity so that the activity is more easy for beginners. Maybe there could be a similar device for tightrope walkers that lowers the centre of gravity and gradually raises it as the tightrope walker learns.

I don't know if the above are feasible but this example does demonstrate how thought-provoking this technique can be.

Idea 2

With this image

I focussed on the building in the top right hand corner of the image and concluded it may be a multi-story car park. I focused on the 'pillar' sticking out at the top right hand corner and, treating this pillar as an object, I concluded it looked like an arrow. I didn't change the perspective of the object. The arrow could serve a purpose - to indicate the available spaces in a multi-story car park. This led to the idea of having premium spaces in car parks: each car park would have a sign indicating the number of spaces left and offer a number of these spaces at a premium. This could appeal to shoppers in a hurry or to anyone who desperately needs a space for a short period.

Idea 3

With this image

I quickly concluded that the image featured a karate/martial arts expert of some sort. The blurry object above his head I decided was a hat. Perhaps this could be an extension of his belt...a way to indicate that his is an expert at his martial art? Or it could indicate that he is an expert in one area only of his martial art. This led to the idea of courses that could offer people training in one area only of a martial art - perhaps there could be a course where someone is taught to chop bricks/tiles with a karate chop? Or there could be a course where people are taught a combination of martial arts - thus they wouldn't need to specialise in one martial art alone. (A very convoluted route to an idea, I'll admit. ;) )

Idea 4

This idea is a good example of the use of shade/colour-spotting and changing perspective.

With this image

I decided that the image is of a greetings card. Without any definite objects in the image I decided to pick out an area of shading, which I did by picking out the red blob towards the right of the image. I decided to change the perspective of the red blob, so that instead of being part of the card's image it became a red blob on the card. This led to the idea of a kind of wax seal that individuals could add to greetings cards to add a personal touch.

Idea 5

With this image

there looks to be a crowd of people crowding round a laptop. I decided to pick an area of shading/colour for my 'object'. I picked the red blur near the bottom of the image. I then opted to change the perspective so that the red blur was further away (or deeper into the image). This would, in effect, mean that the red blur becomes a red hole. Maybe the laptop could only be used when a part of the laptop is plugged into the red hole? This led to a consideration of anti-theft measures. If the laptop could only be used when near the red hole then it would become useless when taken from the scene. So this led to the idea of a laptop being able to function only when the user enters a password on an internet site on a daily basis. In the event of theft the thief would be able to use the laptop for only one day before it is useless.