Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lateral Thinking And Home Security

In their home some people attach a key to a string and hang the key behind their letter box for when they forget their key and are locked out. Obviously this is a big security "no no" but donning lateral-thinking hat, how can this be utilised as a security measure? My idea is that the string could be attached to a device that triggers an alarm - when the string is pulled the alarm sounds or alternatively, the device could contact you on your mobile. It goes without saying that no key would be attached the string. It's a safe bet that the string would only be pulled when someone is thinking of burgling your home.

Brainstorm With Cash Prizes

BrainReactions has launched a brainstorm with a chance to win cash prizes.

IDEA CONTEST: How can Moonjee be launched to thousands of users as an engaging web application that transforms photos in fun and useful ways?

There are already 166 ideas suggested. It's fairly unusual for a brainstorm to have that many suggestions in such a short space of time and I hope that the contributors there will also add ideas to other brainstorms that don't have any cash incentive.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

New Innovation Social Network

Kes Sampanthar, Director of Innovation at Metamemes and inventor of the ThinkCube, has started a new innovation social network. Kes has outlined some of his goals for the site:

ThinkCube Users Group - a place to come and ask questions about ThinkCube and how to use it.

Innovation and Creativity Tools/Techniques - a place to describe other innovations tools and techniques.

Brainstorm area - an area to
host brainstorm topics that people can join in a group brainstorm.

Collect and Share ideas between members - a place where people can share great ideas that they have seen

Training area - a place to put hints and tips on creativity, with some creativity exercises and some training videos etc.

I signed up to the network this week and it looks like it's going to be a very exciting project!